Prior to today, I’ve seen inspiring stories of how people have a burning passion for design and immediately knew what their career path would look like.

My path, it felt like a detour.

If you are looking for something inspiring, this is not it. Rather, this would just be me jotting down my first steps into the journey of user experience.

In 2017, I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), but took up my first full-time job as an account executive at a local boutique agency specialising in website & mobile app design and development — this was my first brief introduction and exposure to UX.

While I did enjoy what I was doing, the thought of giving marketing a try was always nagging at the back of my mind. Slightly before hitting the 2-year mark, I found what I thought I have always wanted, digital marketing.

Just months into the job got me realising that this was probably not for me. There were a ton of numbers! My absolute nemesis. I was craving colours and visuals and I missed having discussions with the design team on whether or not the user flows made sense, I even missed the frustrations that came from not understanding why a function is not working as it should.

That was when I started toggling with the idea of getting into UX proper. Having friends from the industry helped too, as they would share their resources and encourage me to take the first step, and so I did by purchasing some Udemy courses. But I never really got through all of them; I figured that I needed an extra push and some guidance. The original plan was to leave my current job and enrol myself into General Assembly’s 3-month UX Design Immersive course early 2021, but leaving my job with COVID-19 ongoing just did not seem like a good idea.

Thank goodness for Google and Instagram’s algorithms, UX courses’ ads were constantly shown to me. Finally, I found 2 courses that were heavily subsidised and were out of office hours, perfect!

As of today, I have completed the Intro to User Experience Design course with Smartcademy, and am just one lesson more to completing the Usability Engineering Course with HFI (carried out by NTUC learning hub). More excitingly, I’ve been offered a position as Product Executive at a local telemedical company and can’t wait to start applying what I have learnt while picking up more skills along the way.

Phew, what a long write-up when this only the beginning.

If you made it till the end of my blabbering and may be feeling lost in terms of your career aspects, do not lose hope. Take note of the little things you enjoy and go for courses to expand your interest then figure if that is really for you. Good luck!

Inquisitive thinker, eager to learn more about UI/UX